Archiving old students and reactivating them

In this article we'll show you how to archive student accounts, and explain what archiving is. Really useful for when it comes to the end of the academic year!

"Archiving" a student means the student is removed from the site and can no longer log on, but the students details (including points and personal information) will still be stored on the site for one year. At the end of the year, any students who have NOT been reactivated will be deleted for good!

At the beginning of a new academic year, you can archive all students left over from the last year. You will then be able to reactivate the ones that still need access to the site, and they wont have lost any of their details!

1. Log in to as normal and hover over your name in the top right hand corner. Select "Student Accounts".

2. Find the student you wish to remove and click on the checkbox by their name. Click "Archive". Simple!

3. If finding all the students to archive this way is time consuming, you can also filter the students by class using the drop down menu, or archive all students who are not in a class:

4. Archived students can be reactivated by adding them to a class. Simply type their names in the boxes:

5. And then select the students email from the drop down box on the next page:

6. Click save and the student will be added to the class and their account will become active again!

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