How To Upload Students and Add Classes

We've added a brand new, super simple method of adding students and setting up classes! 

Whether you need to upload new students, put students into classes or both, here's how to do it:

1) Log in to

2) Hover over your name and click Classes


3) Click Add a Class

4) Enter the class details and click Create Class

5) On the next screen you can add students to your class. It doesn't matter whether these students have already been uploaded to the site or not!

Either type in your students' names or copy from your class list by clicking Copy/paste from Word or Excel


6) Copy your students' names from your class list and paste them into the box.

Click Next

7) If we think we've found a match with a student who's already been uploaded, you'll see it in this drop-down menu. Click on the student you want to add to the class

If the students haven't yet been uploaded, a new account will be created for them automatically.

NB: No need for student email addresses anymore!


9) Click Finish

10) Your class has now been created! 

Each new student will be given a code to log in with.

Existing students can log in with the email address/username they already use.

Click Download Printout to print a note for each student containing their code/login details!


That's it! 

Your new students have been added and your class set up - all in one go!

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