Uploading your students from an excel file

To start with, you need to get your excel file in the right format to upload!

1. Open up a blank Excel document

2. Type in the following column headers: First name, Last name, Email address/username, Password.

3. Using whatever student data you have, add their details to the file. Normally you would copy and paste the details from whichever sources you normally use (SIMS, other Excel etc.) You can set the password to whatever you want; your students will be able to change it once they first log in.

4. Click on "Save as"


5. Give your file a name and make sure that you save it as a .xls file! Click Save

You're now ready to upload the file! 

 1. Log into thisislanguage.com, hover over your name in the top right and select Student Accounts


 2. On the Student Accounts page, click Advanced Student Upload

3. Select your excel file and click Upload

And the students are ready to go! Well done!

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