Creating Classes


Grouping your students into classes will allow you to set homework tasks, monitor completion and view marks.

Once a student is in a class, the points that they earn for correct answers will be added to their class score which will be all-important for climbing up the leaderboard!


So get grouping!


1. Log in to as normal and hover over your name in the top right-hand corner and select 'Classes'.



2. Click 'Add a class'


3. Fill in the class details and click ‘Create Class’


4. Fill in the names and surnames of the students you want to add to the class


5. Alternatively, click "copy/ paste students" which will give you an open text box to paste into.


 6. Click next, you are given a chance to make any edits and then you'll see a page with the students names and drop down boxes with email addresses in- if there are multiple students with the same name you will be able to select the right one.


All you need to do is click "save", et voilà – that’s one class set up and ready to go.

If any of the students are not in green and have an exclamation mark next to them, this means the system has not found them online. You will need to select an option from the drop down menu. For more information on this see our FAQ on adding students here.

Try filtering by ‘Exercise’ when looking through the videos and set some homework!


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