Classes, Totals and Leaderboards

Dividing Points

Points are divided according to the class in which they were earned in order to ensure that competition between students is fair (a student who only studies one language is not at a disadvantage compared with those who study two). Furthermore, a student who is using the site for the first time is not at a disadvantage compared with those who used it last year, because points attributed to the class from last year will not carry over to the new class in the class leaderboard.



Leaderboards per class / per student

When a teacher looks at the leaderboards on their homepage, they will see a separate leaderboard for each class e.g. ‘Class: FR1’. The points shown in these leaderboards only represent the points earned by the students in that class, and not an overall total. Students will see this leaderboard on their language homepage too.

The leaderboards labelled ‘Global: Classes’ and ‘Global: Students’ show the highest performing classes and students using the site across the world. The counter is refreshed each week so that each and every class has a chance to win, regardless of how long they’ve been using the site or how they fared in previous weeks.



Students' personal points

Students will see their overall total (across all languages) on their homepage – this is the larger number that appears next to their avatar.





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